The company has it as a vision to establish, nurture and grow a First Class Service Company in the Power Generation, Heavy Machinery, Automobile, and other engineered products with the view of becoming a leader in the West African sub-region. We aim to meet our customer’s expectations by providing high-quality products and services at the best price at the right time.
We partner with very reputable manufacturers of products and solutions to achieve our aim. Our highly trained engineers and technicians are our greatest asset.

We will always

1. Offer products that are of excellent quality and value.

2. Provide the best service/solutions to our customers by building relationships based on intimate understanding of each customer’s problems and needs.

3. Seek new growth opportunities and expand our services to cover the whole of the West African sub-region with a population of over four hundred million.

4. Adopt efficient management practices in order to grow steadfast and profitable businesses which give commensurate returns to the shareholders.

5. Build a family of highly motivated management and staff working in an environment that encourages creativity, innovation, integrity, respect and trust for each other in order to achieve their full potential

6. Strive to be good corporate citizens in the markets in which we operate.


We strive to deal and sincerely with all stakeholders.

Being mindful of the need to sustain a clean and healthy environment, we will pursue activities that will preserve the natural environment.