Smice international is the sole distributor for the Astec Underground Group in West Africa.

The companies under this group are

  • American Augers – U.S.A
  • Trencor – U.S.A
  • Astec Underground – U.S.A

Roadtec RP-175 highway class asphalt paver on road with mountains in the background

They manufacture very powerful machines such as:

  • Trenchers.
  • Directional Drills.
  • Road Miners.
  • Vertical Drills

This equipment is used for digging trenches for drains and irrigation projects, laying underground
pipes for conveying water, oil, gas, etc.

They are also used for carrying cables and pipes for river and road crossing and other installations

without disturbing the environment.

These details are available at: &

Astec MPack Asphalt Plant

2006 Astec DD-2024 Directional Drill W/2009 Redi Haul T/A Trailer BigIron  Auctions ASTEC RT1160 TRENCHER (383 STUNDE) trencher from Netherlands for sale at  Truck1, ID: 1795427